New York's plan to go cashless on the Thruway means you could pay more for tolls. In a proposed plan from the Thruway Authority, travelers who don't use the E-Z Pass would see a significant jump in prices plus a monthly surcharge.

The story first reported by, says without the E-Z Pass, tolls would jump 30%, and motorists would also pay a $2 monthly surcharge. Current toll rates on the Thruway are locked through 2020, and the proposal is just that, a proposal. Before going into effect the Authority will have to hold public hearings and even then the increase wouldn't go into effect until 2021.

The cashless tolls are planned for completion by the end of 2020. The system will be able to identify vehicles without an E-Z Pass and mail them a bill. Those are the fees increasing by 30%, plus a surcharge of $2 will be added per month.

Read more about the story at or at the Thruway Authority's website. Need an E-Z Pass? They're available online.

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