This doesn't apply to the helpers at the mall but the real Santa Claus will not be spreading COVID-19 this year.

Kids have more to worry about this year than they ever had to in the past. Not only do kids not want to get sick but they also don't want to get their families sick as well. What will the holidays be like for kids during a pandemic?

We're a week away from December and many kids in the Hudson Valley are putting the final touches on their Christmas list and they're getting excited for Santa Claus to slide down their chimney on Christmas Eve. The excitement should not be overpowered by anxiety as some children have legitimate concerns that Santa Claus could be a super spreader and might get families sick this year. Thankfully, Dr. Fauci has put all of our minds at ease.

Positive news regarding the coronavirus has been few and far between since March. Here's some good news just in time for the end of 2020. Dr. Anthony Fauci has reassured us that the real Santa Claus is immune to the COVID-19 virus.

USA Today reported that Dr. Anthony Fauci claims that Santa Clause has so many good qualities that he has an innate immunity to the virus.

You can tell your kids that Santa Claus will still be coming this year and that he won't be at risk of getting anyone sick.

Even though he's immune he might still have a face covering but only because it  gets cold on that sleigh at high altitudes.

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