More than ever, it's important that we keep our pets safe. After all, we are their caretakers.

With the warmer months, it's important to provide them with indoor, cool spaces with plenty of food and water. While outdoors, be sure it's for a short amount of time in the shade and never left in a car or space unattended. Pets should never be left around bodies of water unattended or outdoors by themselves.

With the recent concern for pets, their owners have come together to try to make a change.


A popular flea and tick collar company has been getting a lot of backlash.

Concerned pet owners and lawmakers believe that this brand of collars should be recalled. According to CBS News, this specific type of flea and tick collar could be dangerous to not only pets but also their owners.

Unfortunately, this collar is the cause of over 2,500 deaths of pets and more than 100,000 issues with pets.

During the warmer months, pet owners may use flea and tick collars or topical prevention to keep away any unwanted pests. However, some pet owners have spent more money on these collars in hopes of keeping their fur babies safe.

Seresto flea and tick collars by Elanco Animal Health are raising concerns for pet owners about what's actually safe.


In addition to these collars, it's also very important to use vet-recommended flea and tick prevention. Without this knowledge, you may not know the side effects of either generic or false prevention care.

Checking in with your local vet on what to use is important.

Not only with questions of what to use exactly, but there are also more concerns that pet owners can address with their local vet. They can also ask about the correct dosage of products and verifying that it's acceptable to do with their dog's age or health conditions is important.

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Pet owners who had given their dog this brand of flea and tick collars had different experiences. Some of them noticed their dog has skin irritation or lesions from it while other pet owners, unfortunately, experienced more severe and life-altering encounters with their dogs. On the other hand, pet owners also experienced symptoms such as hives and respiratory effects.

What can be done about this?


Lawmakers and concerned pet owners are recommending that this information gets spread to raise awareness. Most importantly, they would like a voluntary recall of these flea and tick collars to come into effect. They would also like a different approach with safety measures of what's safe for pets.

What do you think should happen? Have you ever used a flea and tick collar on your pets? Share with us below.

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