Are you like me? Do you let the thought of Monday actually ruin your Sunday? This has been a problem for me my whole life. Even when I was just a kid in school, the thought of Monday crept into my Sunday. The day of rest and relaxation. No fair. My friend Glenn refers to this problem as SADS. Sunday Afternoon Distress Syndrome.

I liked school and I love my job. So why do I get so anxious on Sunday afternoons just thinking about Monday? I guess it’s because I like my freedom more than I like my job or school. The idea of not having to get up in the morning. Not having to answer to anybody or to worry about something going wrong at work or school. I have tried all sorts of things to stop my SADS. Make plans with friends, do a favorite activity, watch a great movie. It all works for a little while, but eventually, the thought of Monday creeps in, and I’m all anxious again.

Do you suffer from SADS? How do you deal with it? I’d love to hear some suggestions. So far there has only been one solution that is foolproof for me. Take Monday off.

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