What do you call Andrew Cuomo these days?

How do you address someone who left a political office in such unconventional terms?

Anyone else still in complete shock that he's gone?

It's hard to believe but it has been almost a month since Andrew Cuomo resigned as the 56th Governor of New York. The resignation was surprise to many New Yorkers. Most of us expected the resignation to come shortly after the Attorney General found he had harassed several women while in office but it came much later. Andrew Cuomo still denies the accusations.

Though he may not be the leading us anymore, Andrew Cuomo will be the topic of many discussions for quite a while even if you don't like him.

We'll also most likely see him in the news for the next few months.

What do you call him when you talk about him? Do you call Cuomo 'ex' or former' governor?

Is one more appropriate than another?

When you use the word 'former' it sounds way more sophisticated. It's a word you would use to describe someone who left on better terms. I think it has a lot more dignity to it. I'm not sure if Cuomo left on honorable terms.

I feel like 'ex' is definitely a word that you use to describe someone who you aren't proud of our don't want any association with.

What should we call Andrew Cuomo in conversation when discussing him?

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