The month of March traditionally has a few days where one might look forward to some special foods. For instance, St Patrick's Day brings us corned beef and cabbage on March 17. Pie Day, March 14 (3.14) has us thinking about pies and as the days get closer to Easter or Passover, there are the special meals that are also associated with both of those gatherings.

So when Dairy Queen announced that they were cancelling their 'Annual Free-Cone Day" for 2021, I just about shed tears.

Here is what their official and brief statement said on their Facebook page:

So,  COVID has yet again spoiled something that we look forward to every year. For those of you looking to get a cone here in the Hudson Valley, here are a few places that have already announced their opening day for the 2021 season, is your favorite listed? Click here to check out the list. 

What is it that makes an ice cream cone so special? There are so many reasons! Can we just say "It's because they taste good?" Ok, probably not there, but that is just the tip of the creamy iceberg.

When looking into the secret behind Dairy Queen's Soft Serve, I remembered hearing something about their soft serve not being real ice cream? Dairy Queen actually addressed this on the FAQ section of their website, saying that their product used to be called ice-milk, but then the categories changed at the Food & Drug Administration, to allow for an increased variety of low (and lower) calorie ice cream related items. The recipe still contains the same 5% butter fat and while the technical name for what is in your cone changed names, it is now labeled as reduced fat ice cream. So the name changed, but the recipe didn't.

When was the last time you had an ice-cream cone out anywhere here in the Hudson Valley? Which place was your favorite? Did you get it dipped or plain? Vanilla, chocolate or swirl? Regardless of what flavor and if you get it in a cup or a cone, enjoy!

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