And here is yet another reason to spend time in Beacon. As if there weren’t already a ton of good reasons. The newest reason is a cool new bar called District Social, and it’s celebrating its grand opening on Friday, June 4.

District Social is right next to the very popular Industrial Arts Brewing Company at 511 Fishkill Avenue in Beacon. District Social offers a full bar, outdoor seating, live music, billiards, darts, a full arcade and AXE THROWING. Yup, axe throwing. You’ll be able to experience great drinks, specialty small bites, craft beers, plus live music and other live entertainment. .

District Social will be open on Fridays from 4PM - Midnight with live music starting at 8PM, Saturdays from 1PM - Midnight with stage entertainment starting at 2 and a live band at 7, and Sundays from 1PM - 8PM with stage entertainment at 2 and a live band at 5. Want to know more? Check out the District Social website. In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of this cool bar.

Cool New Entertainment Bar Opening Up Next to Popular Beacon Brewery

Sneak Peek of District Social, the cool new entertainment bar in Beacon

Gallery Credit: Robyn Taylor

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