Reliable transportation is a major issue for many people here in the Hudson Valley. Whether it's just not in the budget to buy a vehicle or you really need your current ride to hang on as long as possible, one thing is for certain, it's tough to get a job, or keep a job, if you can't get to work.

Car and money
Dmitriy Melnikov

Sullivan County legislators have heard you and this month have authorized funding to provide up to 5 vans and a lease subsidy for county residents who would like to van pool with other commuters to work. These vans could accommodate anywhere from seven to fifteen commuters.

According to the Office of the Sullivan County Manager, each month, Sullivan County would provide a $500 subsidy per van, with the drivers, or their employers, paying the difference. Each driver will keep the van at their home with the commuting routes determined by the commuters using the service.

This program is expected to begin October 1, utilizing vans leased from Enterprise. After a year test-run, legislators will determine whether to renew it for up to four years. For more information, call the County office at 845-807-0450.

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