You can't throw a stone lately in the Hudson Valley without hitting a film crew. Movies and TV shows are being made from Poughkeepsie to Newburgh to Kingston. Casting calls have been great fun for a lot of people so far this summer. Film groups have been looking for people from all walks of life but now one group is looking for a place.

It is said that we are a great place to film because the Hudson Valley area has so many options. We have densely populated places and rural settings, not to mention some of our historic areas that can transport you back in time even if it isn't converted on a film set. Huguenot Street in New Paltz is a perfect example.

This time though it may be a bit of a tough ask, Orange County Tourism & Film (OCNY Film) is looking for a cave. That's right a cave. According to a Facebook post from earlier today (7-13-2021) they are in need of a cave for a film project.

Kenneth Keifer
Kenneth Keifer

They described needing a large cave in Orange County. They also go on to say that it can be on public or private land. If you know of a large cave they are asking that you contact them. You can put it in the comments on the OCNY Film Facebook page or you can contact them directly. Call (845) 615 - 3885 or email

Having grown up in Orange County I am racking my brain to think of a spot I might know of that would fit the definition of large cave. I remember there being rumors of lots of caves in the woods that people would tell ghost stories about but I don't think any of them were real, I think they were made up to scare us from going into the woods.

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