The Hudson Valley is a destination for so many people. We have something for just about everyone. Making plans with friends and even family is easy year-round in our neck of the woods.

The Catskills for instance has been a destination for decades. In decades past it was the grand resorts of Sullivan County. Resorts World Catskills, The Kartrite, and others are bringing people back to that area. Wineries, Craft Breweries, and Bethel Woods Center for the Arts are driving people to rediscover the Southern Catskill region.

The Northern Catskills have been serving vacationers for years as well. Whether you heading to Hunter Mountain for a Ski weekend or land at the Emerson Resort and Spa on Route 28 in Mt. Tremper you are bound to find lots to do for a week or just a weekend.

The Blackthorne One of the Original Catskill Resorts

If you want to take in a piece of true Catskill resort history you have to make a plan to visit the Blackthorne Resort in East Durham. Three plus generations have been hosting guests at the resort since it opened. You can read all about how the Blackthorne Resort began on their Facebook page thanks to an entry by Morgan Handel a descendant of the founders of the resort Manfred Robert Handel and his wife Ginger.

Blackthorne Resort Cabin via Facebook
Blackthorne Resort Cabin via Facebook

What Can You Do At the Blackthorne in East Durham

The Blackthorne Resort offers traditional Inn styles rooms, camping options, and a deluxe log cabin. In addition to your stay, you can visit the resort for dining, live entertainment, the bar, or one of the many events they hold annually. They shared this week that they are currently booking for the Gilt and Fanfare Magical Emporium Event and Oddity Opportunity that is coming up in April.

Book the Blackthorne Resto's Delux Log Cabin for An Unplugged Weekend

The Blackthorne Resort's Deluxe Log Cabin

The Blackthorne Resort is the place you go to have great fun and to get off the grid. Go for one of their specialty weekends or just go to relax. Check out the cabinet you can rent.

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