This time of year we are always looking for ways to help in the community. It is hard sometimes to decide who or what you are going to support. I find that if I make small donations to a lot of various charities I feel like I did more than if I had just given a larger sum of money to just one good cause.

Scrolling through Facebook you can find many different things happening during the holiday season that can benefit various local groups in need. Everything from photos with Santa to events where your admission is a non-perishable food item. All of these are great and fun to do but there are some other simple ways you can make a difference.

Right now if you go to the Hannaford Supermarket in Pine Bush you can help support a hard-working organization that helps horses in need of homes. Equine Rescue Resource Inc. is one of many horse rescue and assistance organizations in the Hudson Valley.

Equine Rescue Resource Inc founded in 1999 is a non-profit 501(c)3 that rescues and rehabilitates horses with the goal of finding them safe and loving homes. They are 100% run on donations and volunteers.

So how can you help? Easy, when you visit the Hannaford in Pine Bush New York you can buy a reusable shopping bag for just $2.50, and $1 from each bag purchased goes to Equine Rescue Resouce Inc. This is fundraiser is going on now through the end of November. Other Hudson Valley Hannafords are supporting organizations in their communities.

Equine Rescue Resource Inc via Facebook 11-5-2021
Equine Rescue Resource Inc via Facebook 11-5-2021


You can always use a new reusable bag and you will be helping support Ruby, Bonnie, Pedro, and the other horses at Equine Rescue Resource.

Equine Rescue Resource Inc help Murphy live his last days loved.

Murphy the Old Horse Who Loved Guinness

Most of us were introduced to Murphy last November when Manhattan Beer Distributors donated him a supply of Guinness to help him thrive. Thanks to them and all the great folks who cared for Murphy over the years he had a great life. Equine Rescue Resources was Murphy's last home and we found these photos on their Facebook page.

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