2022 is the year that wild ice cream creations will put the Hudson Valley on the map (even more than it already is!).

This time of year, Hudson Valley ice cream shops dust off their counters and open their doors for the warm weather season. So far, a handful of local shops have decided to think way outside the box in preparation for the summer season.

In Kingston, the Kingston Candy bar has introduced a new way to eat ice cream. Forget the cone or cup options, they're giving you the chance to eat ice cream out of a donut.  Our friends in Poughkeepsie at Spoons in Eastdale Village have introduced (for a limited time) Picklegate Ice Cream. It's made up of vanilla soft serve, peanut butter drizzle and, yes, pickles.

Needless to say, we have some creative ice cream connoisseurs in our neighborhood.

What about a boozy shake? Beacon Creamery has just what you need.

The creamery, located right on the corner of Main Street in Beacon, is serving up their infamous Tipsey Shakes. Those 21 and older can enjoy a blend of their favorite ice cream and booze!

What's in a Tipsey Shake at the Beacon Creamery?

You can choose from the following:

Black Russian: A combination of their Killer Chocolate Ice Cream, Kahlua, and Vodka.

White Russian: Vanilla ice cream, and a splash of Kahlua and Vodka.

Baileys: Cappucino ice cream drowned in Bailey's Irish Cream.

Tilted Kilt: Cookies and Cream ice cream blanketed in Baileys Irish Cream.

Along with the Tipsey Shakes, Beacon Creamery serves up homemade baked goods, locally made wine, espresso, coffee, and much more.


33 of The Most Popular Ice Cream Shops in the Hudson Valley

Ice Cream shops across the Hudson Valley are preparing for opening day and the warm weather rush. Did we mention your favorite spot? Let us know who we need to add to the list.

Hudson Valley Artist Home that once housed an Ice Cream Place

According to a source the property at 1820 Route 82 was once known as Pince Cones Ice Parlor. This property is now it is available for purchase but not as an ice cream store. Now it is a beautifully renovated residence that was last occupied by an owner who is a well-known artist, sculptor, painter, and animation designer. Wait until you see inside. Bring your ideas.

Dressel Farms Ice Cream Sandwich

The Dressel Farms ice cream sandwich made with farm fresh ice cream and homemade cookies will definitely beat the heat and put a big smile on your face.


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