Is it hard for you to find a good piece of cake? Often, I will look for a piece of cake (or cake sold by the slice) at retail bakeries and grocery stores, trying to soothe my sweet tooth and when I find them, I will buy one or two versions. What usually happens? Usually, disappointment. So when I found out that there was an entire day dedicated to nothing but cake, I nearly lost my mind.

November and the holiday of Thanksgiving is mostly a holiday that is associated with pies, right? For a lot of people.

So who was the genius to craft National Cake Day as the Monday after Thanksgiving, just when you have eaten so much pie you can't think about another bite of anything else? National Cake Day for November 2021, will be Friday November 26.

So if you are looking for a great cake, where can  you go? In our search for the best cake in the Hudson Valley, we had to do some searching, some 'food investigation' and that took a great deal of time and research (aka eating of said cakes).

Should there be rules to this search? What constitutes cake? Are we talking slices of cake? Whole cakes? Could a Twinkie be considered a cake? It is sponge cake with a vanilla filling? If the cake does not have a frosting or glaze, is it still cake?

Back to business. Where is the best cake? Where can they be found? Let us know.

Places that will probably make the list, after trying many different cakes and between that and people giving us suggestions, here are the places in the Hudson Valley, that you should be able to find a pretty decent cake or slice of cake:

  • Pastry Garden, Poughkeepsie
  • Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, Apple Pie Bakery
  • Las Hornitos, Wappingers Falls
  • Sam's Club, yep, this was highly rated and recommended for their sheet cakes.
  • Deisings Bakery, Kingston
  • The Cakery, Fishkill

So when you need to have some cake, where do you go? Is there a particular type of cake that you enjoy eating the most?

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