One thing you have to say about the Hudson Valley. It's filled with generous people. And great musicians. Tomorrow, Jan.5, you can be one of those generous people helping a great musician.

Greg Douglas has been playing in and around the Hudson Valley for years. He is not only a talented musician, he's also a hell of a nice guy. Greg is in the hospital due to complications with diabetes, and will be in rehab for the next month. Tomorrow, January 5th was originally scheduled as a Greg Douglas Band performance at The Shelter in Rhinebeck, but they have decided to turn it into an event to raise money for Greg to help pay his bills for the month he will be unable to work. It will be an acoustic, open mic style evening for any musician that would like to perform on Greg's behalf.

The Shelter Underground Bar is at 47 E. Market Street in Rhinebeck. The benefit will kick off at 8:30 pm. For more information, visit the facebook page.

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