After much speculation that they were closing for good, a beloved Kingston restaurant updates fans!

Earlier this month rumors started to circulate throughout the Hudson Valley that one of the area's best Mexican restaurants had reportedly closed. The Armadillo Restaurant located on Abeel Street in Kingston was making headlines last week as fans of the restaurant shared on social media that after 40+ years they have decided to close.

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Armadillo Kingston Closed for Good?

That was the question fans of the restaurant (us included) were asking last week and after numerous calls and emails went unanswered, we shared that it wasn't looking good for fans of their food and drinks.

Not so FAST!!!

As the news spread that they had reportedly closed, the folks at the Aramdillio finally made an announcement on social media about the state of affairs at the restaurant. According to the Armaisdillo Instagram page,

"After a long summer, Armadillo Kingston will be closed for a break to make some changes"

Armadillo Temporarily Closed

YES!! That post had many fans excited that they are only taking a break and will be reopened at a later date. As soon as the post was shared fans started commenting, Frances said, "Good. I need my shrimp-stuffed jalapeños fix every so often, or life loses all meaning." Frankie said, "Thank you for posting this and clearing up the confusion."

We've left numerous messages with Armadillo to see if anyone could provide an update as to how long they'll be closed or what changes fans can expect when they reopen but haven't heard back yet. When and if we do, we will update this article with all the important information.

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