Have you had any issues with New York's cashless tolls? The system was designed to make things more simple. Unfortunately for some motorists, it's had the opposite effect.

Cashless tolls are supposed to eliminate the need for toll booths. They simply take a picture of your license plate and an automated system sends the bill in the mail. ABC News reports New York State Senator David Carlucci held a forum in Nanuet Wednesday where Hudson Valley residents could vent their frustrations.

Numerous drivers took the opportunity speak about thousands of dollars in fines accrued without ever getting the initial bill in the mail. The problem seems to occur more with people who aren't signed up for EZ Pass. You're supposed to have 30 days to pay your bill before fines start adding up. But it's certainly hard to pay a bill you never get in the first place!

Have you had any issues with cashless tolls yet?

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