On Jan. 27, three members of the Shamrock Association, a private club in Poughkeepsie, placed a bet on who could go the longest without shaving their beards. Over the course of the next few days, the bet morphed into a fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Rodert Mussachio, Kyle Higgins, and Joey Wallace all agreed to donate $10 a week into the pot along with having other club members adding to the collection. The end date for the drive was set for April 27, at which time the check to St. Jude’s for $1,000 was presented and Xavier Scott of Union Shave in Saugerties went to work on shaving the beards.

Mussachio went even further by having his head shaved, except for his eyebrows. The barber said that the amount of hair on the “soon-to be-bald” guy was absolutely outrageous.

Al Nowak, co-owner of On-Location Studios and fellow club member was on hand to photograph the event which, when asked why, Mussachio claimed “it was a stupid bet that morphed into a phenomenal event.”

Wallace, the first to go in the chair was thrilled with the amount of money raised saying “it turned into a benefit for the kids, and that’s what we do at the Shamrock!”

Higgins, the last to get shaved was a bit nervous about the whole thing but he claimed that because he lost his stepmom to cancer, he wasn’t going to back out.

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