Batten down the hatches! A bizarre incident unfolded Wednesday morning when police say a man jumped aboard the Atlantica charter yacht and attempted to set sail to the high seas. Well, by "high seas" we assume he was going to take it up the Hudson.  A worker said the disheveled and distraught man shoved him aside and jumped aboard the 145-foot vessel, that was docked at the Chelsea Piers. But when the intruder locked himself inside the 3-deck luxury yacht, that's when the witness said the unthinkable happened,

The NY Post said this one-man mutineer had cut the line for the anchor.The poor worker said he looked on in horror as the yacht (which must cost a damn fortune) began to slowly drift away from the dock, and out towards the Hudson. Luckily, there was still one line keeping the Atlantica, and it's new self-appointed captain, from floating away for good.

Now, this pirate got himself in too deep. The Post said that police soon arrived and were told by the sailor and alleged thief that he wanted to set sail to Bellevue Hospital. Police obliged the pajama pants-wearing man and took him straight to his prefered destination, free of charge.

It's been quite a week for strange for stories involving unwanted intruders trespassing on expensive property. Earlier this week, police say a Bronx man hopped a security fence at Albany International Airport and somehow snuck into the cockpit of an empty passenger plane. WNYT says the man was taken to a  psychiatric facility for an evaluation. News 10 says he is now facing two counts of Criminal Trespass in the Third Degree. Officials say the information on his arrest has been forwarded to the FBI.

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