It's the most wonderful time of the year. I'm talking about the annual Hudson River Craft Beer Festival!

We are so excited to be apart of yet another Hudson River Craft Beer Festival at the Beacon Waterfront Park. This Saturday, September 16, the Beacon landmark will be bustling with thousands of people who fancy a good, cold, craft beer.

We'll have over 200 different types of craft beer to try as well as food trucks and vendors on sight to keep you satisfied all day long.

Tickets are still available for the Hudson River Craft Beer Festival. General admission tickets run at $50 while VIP (including an extra hour of drinking, food voucher and hat) will run you $80. You must be 21 years old or older to attend this event, children are not allowed on the grounds.

You're going to see a whole bunch of people drinking along the river on Saturday. These are five of the people you might  run into while at the Hudson River Craft Beer Festival:




  • 1

    The Expert

    There's always that one person who knows everything about craft beer and probably brews it a home. Don't ask about hops unless you have spare 45 minutes. Will most likely be wearing a hat or pretzel necklace.

  • 2

    The D.D

    Safety first. Whether it's the friend who drew the shortest straw or simply one who doesn't like to drink, you'll see designated drivers through the HRCBF. They'll be drinking water, taking pictures of their foolish friends and saving money. $10 at the door if you're the responsible friend. If you'd rather not rely on one of your friends, the HRCBF is right next to the Beacon train station so think about using Metro North as your trusty D.D.

  • 3

    The Dancers

    We have some excellent local bands lined up to keep us entertained throughout the day. They'll be rocking out and providing jams for the dancers, a.k.a those who've had a few too many samples and let go of all of their inhibitions.

  • 4

    The Big Group

    The Hudson River Craft Beer Festival is the perfect spot to roll deep. There is nothing like day drinking on the river with all of your buddies.The HRCBF offers up some great group rates you can check out before the big day.  Hey, you might even see a bachelor/bachelorette party or two downing some craft beer this weekend.

  • 5

    The Happy Camper

    No matter where you look, you'll be seeing a bunch of smiling,maybe a little buzzed, faces. Beer, food, music and beautiful weather are the perfect recipe for a great weekend. The Hudson River Craft Beer Festival will no doubt be a great time and we would love to see you there!