The Hudson Valley is filled with summer activities. If there’s lemonade, cotton candy and fried dough, sign me up. There’s something about carnivals that just bring out the inner child in all of us. There are even family traditions of going to these events every year. I have the fondest memories of going to local fairs with my grandparents and parents growing up. Even as an adult, I enjoy going to them with friends. Some fairs and festivals even have alcohol on site for those over 21.

There’s so much to experience at local fairs and carnivals. There’s always a large selection of delicious fair food. I admit it, I still go on the kiddie rides because who’s watching? If the face paint vendor is there, I always have to join in on that fun.

Here are fairs and carnivals happening in the Hudson Valley.

Village of Monroe Carnival

From July 29th-30th, a carnival will take place in the village of Monroe.

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Orange County Fair

From July 15th- August 30th, the Orange County Fair will place take in Middletown.

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Ulster County Fair

From August 3rd-8th, the Ulster County Fair will take place in New Paltz.

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Dutchess County Fair

From August 24th-29th, the Dutchess County Fair will take place in Rhinebeck.

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Hudson Valley  Jazz Festival

From August 12th-15th, The  Hudson Valley Jazz Festival will take place in Warwick.

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Which event will you be attending? Let us know.

Hudson Valley Fairs to Attend in July

There is always so much to see in our area, especially during the summer. I look forward to the fairs and festivals during this month.

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