We ❤ Pawling.

Starting up a new week on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show is always an experience...LOL! That experience becomes more fun than anything because every Monday morning at 6:45 a.m. we get spin our now famous "Wheel o' Towns".

Our "wheel" has 20 different spots on it, with each spot having a Hudson Valley town name on it. Every Monday we open the phones for one fan to call in and pick a town and if it lands on the town you pick we hook you up with a gift card. Today we welcomed Jen to the show, she picked the town of Marlboro and Jess gave the wheel the best spin she could....and it landed on....Pawling! No good for Jen, but good for everyone else because later today Bill Trotta will tell you guys to text in the town Pawling though our mobile app and if you do you could win a $25 gift card.

It's also good for Pawling because now we get to call Pawling the Wolf Hometown of the Week!! We did a lit research and learned that Pawling, a village not a town, (thanks Laura...LOL) is located in the southeast part of Dutchess County and is home to some great things, including....

1. Daryl's House, located at 130 Route 22 in Pawling is a restaurant and live music venue owned by singer Daryl Hall form Hall & Oats fame. Some of the famous singers that have performed there include, Sammy Hagar, Aaron Lewis, Joe Walsh, Cheap Trick, Kenny Loggins, and many more.

2. Pawling reportedly holds the record for the worlds shortest St. Patrick's Day Parade at 223 feet according to Wikipedia.

3. Pawling is a popular Hudson Valley spot for TV and movie filming as well, with the movie "A Quiet Place" and an episode of the CBS show Elementary filming at the Mistover Farm, a horse farm located in Pawling.

4. Pawling has some history as well with it being home to the John Kane house. The Kane house was used by one of founding fathers, George Washington during the Revolutionary War. They do offer tours of the house, located at 126 E Main St in Pawling.

Bonus "thing"!! Former talk show host Sally Jessy Raphael, red glasses and all, owns a house in Pawling.

Is there something we may have missed about Pawling? Is there one thing we need to do or try in we ever find ourselves in Pawling? Call or text us through the Wolf app.

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