Your help could reunite 18 currently missing Hudson Valley teens or children with their families.

If you have information about a missing person call 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678).

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    Aatiyah Abdul-Wali

    Aatiyah Abdul-Wali, 15, of Poughkeepsie was last seen on April 14.

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    Fernando Montero-Boyle

    Fernando Montero-Boyle, 16, was last seen in Middletown on July 15.

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    Mickayla Davis

    Mickayla Davis has been missing since July 21. It's believed the 16-year-old from Cornwall traveled to Sullivan County.

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    Celine Atelek

    13-year-old Celine Atelek went missing on August 9. The tips of her hair were dyed dark red when last seen.

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    Tevon Dickey

    Tevon Dickey went missing on June 21. The 17-year-old from Newburgh has tattoos on both forearms, one of the word "Essence."

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    Jennifer Harshman

    Jennifer Harshman, 18, of Port Jervis is described as a chronic runaway. She has been previously located in unknown areas of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. She has been missing since June 7, 2015.

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    Ronald Bastista

    Ronald Bastista, 12, was last week in Hastings on August 5.

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    Kessiah Anderson

    Kessiah Anderson, 16, went missing from Pleasantville on April 26.

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    Shavonte Bibbins

    17-year-old Shavonte Bibbins of Yonkers was last seen on January 24.

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    Angel Moran

    Angel Moran, 15, went missing from Yonkers on April 3.

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    Jazimer Deas

    14-year-old Jazimer Deas was last seen in Hawthorne on August 12.

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    Princess Bakayoko

    Princess Bakayoko, 14, of Pleasantville is described as a runaway. It's believed she is in the Bronx.

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    Shilah Carter

    16-year-old Shilah Carter has been missing from Pleasantville since July 21.

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    Tony Strayhorn

    Tony Strayhorn, 16, went missing from Pleasantville on February 7, 2016. He may have traveled to Mount Vernon.

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    Orbriany Turner

    14-year-old Orbriany Turner was last seen in Hastings on July 10.

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    Lizzie Grant

    Lizzie Grant was last seen in Pleasantville on May 20. It's believed the 17-year-old is with an adult woman.

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    Jayson Franco

    Jayson Franco, 16, has been missing from Yonkers since July 3.

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    Gloriana Goines

    Gloriana Goines ran from her Pleasantville home on August 7. The 14-year-old may have traveled to New York City.

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