The last few months have been extremely lucky in the Hudson Valley and all across New York.

Just a few weeks ago we told you that over $17 million has been won recently in lottery games, with some four Hudson Valley residents winning $1 million playing the popular game Powerball. We can now add another $1 million to that total thanks to one lucky man from Ulster County.

Congratulations to Ulster County's newest almost millionaire, Michael West from Milton who, according to the New York Lottery, recently cashed in a $1 million dollar winner. West purchased the winning scratch-off ticket recently at the Quick Chek gas station and convenience store on Route 9W in Newburgh.

West won his million dollar prize on a $5 Cash Money scratch-off ticket and really beat the odds. The odds of winning one of the three $1 million grand prizes are 1 in 2,966,400. After finding out he won the grand prize West told the lottery, “You have no idea what it feels like to win the Lottery.”

According to the lottery, West did choose to receive his grand prize as a one-time lump sum payment totaling $597,902 after tax deductions and required withholdings. What does West plan to do with his winnings? He told the lottery he "plans to invest the winnings."

If you're feeling lucky today you might want to head into your favorite lottery store and buy a Cash Money ticket because as of today, there are still two outstanding top prizes available on the Cash Money tickets.

Now before you run out to buy one, it doesn't mean the winners haven't been sold yet, it means that nobody has officially claimed the prize from the New York Lottery yet. Good luck!

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