Wait, Hudson Valley Payphones Make How Much?
Have you ever stared at a payphone and wondered who the heck still uses those things? Apparently, a lot of people still do. It's hard to believe but payphones are still profitable in 2017.

Every once in while you'll come across a payphone and wonder why and how it's still there. Yo…
Did You Know That Eating Black Licorice Can Kill You?
You would think that the flavor would be enough to deter people from consuming this snack but the people who like this candy could be harming their bodies.

I wasn't sure if they even still made black licorice but apparently it's still pretty popular. There aren't many candies that …
Is This Cereal Box Racist or is the Argument a Bit Corny?
Some are calling it extremely insensitive and some are calling it race-baiting? Either way, it was enough for an immediate response from the cereal company. Now Corn Pops is looking into updating their box.

Recently, a tweet went viral that caused a everyone to question the date and meaning behin…

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