The Hudson Valley has been lucky enough to have seen some great Blood Moons over the past few years, however this Friday we wont be so lucky.

The longest lunar eclipse which will turn the moon an orange-red color, hence the name Blood Moon, will last almost 100 minutes according to  Noah Petro a scientist at NASA who spoke with ABC News.

The only downside? You'll have to be in the Middle East, south or eastern Africa, western and southeast Asia and India to see it. The Blood Moon, or lunar eclipse, will start in the US around 1pm EST and reach totality around 4:21pm. Obviously being too light outside to see it.

While that is unfortunate, we will still be able to see some fun in the sky. From now until August 13th we'll be able to see shoot stars associated with the Perseid meteor shower.

On August 13th the Perseid meteor shower will fully pass through the Hudson Valley sending 39 meteors through our skies per hour.

Where will you be star gazing?



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