If you know anything about me you know that I'm all about getting my caffeine fix. I'm a caffeine addict. I'm not proud of it but here we are. These are the chain places in the Hudson Valley that serves the strongest coffee.

I'm not usually about chain coffee flavor but I am a fan of how fast and convenient it is.

If I'm at home I'm going to grab an iced cup of Maxwell House Maxx or even a Death Wish. I'll even throw in a Stok shot of espresso. When you're on the run and you need a quick cup here are the best recommendations according to Food Beast.

These are measured in milligrams per ounce.

McDonald's - 9.1 mg 

Panera Bread - 11.8 mg

Chick-fil-A 13.6 mg

Dunkin' Donuts -15 mg

7-Eleven - 17.5 mg

Starbucks - 20.6 mg

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