When I was growing up, I always thought it was cool to lay out on the grass at night and look up at the stars. It all looked so magical. When I got older and went away to summer camp, we didn't just look up at the stars, we also learned about them. While some of the names of the constellations elude me now, I still like being able to find them in the night sky.

This summer, you can do a little stargazing as well as learn with your family and friends with Starwalks on the Walkway Over The Hudson. There are 4 walks planned with the first one being held Saturday, May 12. These walks will begin just after sunset and go until 11 pm.

These are perfect for the novice or the experienced stargazer. They will be interactive as well as entertaining. You can search the night sky with a telescope,  get nighttime photography tips, enjoy music, food, and fun.

Each session will have a different theme. May's theme will be all about Jupiter. Create an event on Facebook and send it to your family and friends, or just make some phone calls. Either way, you don't want to miss the beauty of a summer night sky here in the Hudson Valley.

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