A new report by Marist College shows that more people are leaving the Hudson Valley region that coming to it.

The Marist College Bureau of Economic Research recently published a report analyzing the population trends in the Hudson Valley. The report analyzed five years worth of date, from 2011 through 2016. Overall, the Hudson Valley lost billions in income and tens of thousands of households.

The report by Marist College found that 1 in 17.9 households moved out of the Hudson Valley between 2011 and 2016. Those departures resulted in an average annual net loss of $3.7 billion in adjusted gross income. In total, 28,216 households left the Hudson Valley during that five-year span.

45,528 households were lost to interstate migration. It was not specified what states people from the Hudson Valley were moving to.  But on the flipside, intrastate migration, which is moving within the state, brought in 18,503 households. The majority of the households came from the New York City area, primarily from Bronx County.

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