There will be two reactions to this story. You'll either love it. Or you'll absolutely hate it. I for one, absolutely love this news.

An internal document has been obtained by Business Insider, in which Starbucks plans to release their ever so popular, and basic, pumpkin spice latte earlier than normal.

According to the document and Business Insider, Starbucks PSL's will be released this year on August 28th. Naturally, the internet went wild over the news with many people complaining that it's just too early for pumpkin.

However, it's not as early as some may think. Business Insider dug deep to look into past PSL release dates and it actually is pretty common.

BI reports that "Starbucks typically launches the PSL around the first week of September. In recent years, the chain has offered an early launch that often kicks off in late August for in-the-know customers."

What do you think? Are you ready for the pumpkin spice craze to hit the Hudson Valley?


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