A popular tourist destination in Saratoga Springs will be closing its doors.

Many Hudson Valley residents love to spend time in Saratoga. Known for the famed race course, mineral springs, great restaurants and shopping, Saratoga is a popular vacation destination for travelers from throughout the Mid-Hudson region.

While tourism has begun to bounce back from the pandemic, some businesses have had trouble keeping afloat in the current economy. Sadly, a popular hotel and restaurant in Saratoga appears to have fallen victim to financial issues and will now be shutting its doors for good.


Longfellows announced that it will be closing its doors and laying off 78 employees. The hotel, restaurant and conference center began as a dairy farm in the early 20th century. A barn that's no longer on the property was once used by bootleggers and is said to have had a morbid history.  According to Saratoga Today, Saratoga Lake used to be home to several illegal casinos run by the mob. The barn was not only used to operate an alcohol business during prohibition but was also where gangsters would "rub out" their victims. A funeral home across the street also supposedly used the barn to store dead bodies during the winter when the ground was too frozen to dig graves.

Longfellows' recent history is much more pleasant than the days of gangsters and dead bodies. Overlooking the Adirondack Mountains, the Hotel is located just two miles from the Saratoga Race Course and close to the city's major landmarks and attractions. The award-winning boutique hotel also includes a restaurant as well as meeting and event facilities.


According to a filing with the State of New York, Longfellows will be shutting down on January 22 and laying off 78 employees. The hotel's website is not accepting any reservations after January 1.

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