Police say a Hudson Valley man traveled all the way to Cape Cod to receive his third Drunk Driving offense.

The Yarmouth, Massachusetts Police Department reports that they received a call on Tuesday afternoon from a business owner on Route 28 in Cape Cod that was concerned about one of his customers.

The man appeared to be drunk as he entered the store and threw his money onto the counter. His belligerent attitude caused the shop owner to call police after the suspect was seen driving away in a pickup truck

Upon receiving a description of the vehicle and the suspect, Yarmouth patrol officers searched for the man, finally spotting the blue Ford F-150 pickup and pulling over the suspect in South Yarmouth. Police say the man was identified as Jeffry McCabe from Poughkeepsie. The 60-year-old Catharine Street resident was determined by officers to be "extremely impaired" and was subsequently placed under arrest.

After running his record, McCabe was found to have two prior convictions for OUI in the state of New York and will be charged with Third Offense OUI which is a felony in Massachusetts. He was processed and was scheduled for arraignment in Cape Cod this morning.

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