People will try to steal just about anything.

We hear stories all the time that make us say WOW and when it comes to shoplifting I guess I should never be surprised when someone steals anything but this had me scratching my head.

According to WTEN, the crazy theft took place in Rotterdam, New York, up near Albany and after the police asked for the public's help to locate the shoplifter, she was arrested Monday after police said that she stole two Baby Sulcata Tortoises from a pet store.

Her name is Dana Ward, and according to police and surveillance video, she was shopping inside the Everything Pets store in Rotterdam with a young child when she was seen putting the tortoises in her purse.

When they finally identified Ward, she was arrested and charged with one count of Petit Larceny and one count of Endangering the Welfare of a Child.

After the arrest both of the tortoises were returned to the Everything Pets store unharmed.

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