The newest Xbox was just released and it's almost impossible to find in local stores or online.

We've come along way since the Atari. Gaming systems get more and more advanced over the years so that should mean they should get more and more expensive, right? Is that really the case? The last system, the Xbox One cost $499 at launch in 2013.

If you're a hardcore gamer then yesterday was a big day for you if you're also an X Box fan. November 10 was the release of the new Xbox Series S and X.

If you're looking for newest gaming system near the Hudson Valley you might find it a little difficult. Some Hudson Valley residents were lucky enough to get them first. Those who don't have much of an interest in the system have already begun to list them for sale on the local Marketplace on Facebook.

The price on Marketplace has turned some heads for being listed far beyond the suggested retail price. According to Xbox, their suggested retail price ranges anywhere from $299 to $499 depending on which series you buy. On social media you can find the systems for sale from anywhere between $750 to $1,000.

It sounds ridiculous to pay that much but it sure would be nice to guarantee one under the Christmas tree this year.

According The Verge, some orders may not be filled until the end of December and even then your chances of getting one could be limited unless you pre order it.

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