A Hudson Valley teacher has introduced a school to a sport never played there before.

It's not that often you hear about schools having new athletic programs added. Eli Espinosa, a teacher at Ellenville, has introduced girl's lacrosse to the school, according to US Lacrosse Magazine. Espinosa has started a club team.

US Lacrosse Magazine reports that Espinosa was concerned about funding regarding the club team, considering that 60 percent of the students at Ellenville High School qualify for the free and reduced lunch program. 20% of the families in Ellenville live below the poverty line as well.

To combat that, Espinosa was approved for a grant in 2017 to the  US Lacrosse First Stick Program. This program provided sticks and goggles, according to US Lacrosse Magazine. What started with clinics turned into a team of 26 girls, who mainly have never played before, and 6 games against nearby schools' club teams.

According to the article, Espinosa is focused on fine-tuning the girls' skills and to grow.

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