You may recall last year that the building which used to stand in the lot across from the New York State Thruway in New Paltz was leveled. Like most properties for sale with old abandoned buildings eventually, the building gets leveled.

Whatever the reason they had for taking the building down I am sure it is a good one even if it was to reduce taxes. I can't imagine anyone wanting to refurbish the building that had become graffiti-central after the last business in it closed.

Lot Still For Sale Next to the Mobil in New Paltz

So what should go on the lot that now stands vacant and leveled since this time last year? I have a few ideas let's see if you agree.


A Tourist Center Would be Good for the Empty Lot

New Paltz is in need of a Tourist / Welcoming Center, a place where people can get their barring after coming off the NYS Thruway. I can see a little general store being put there almost like a farm market that carries local products similar to the I Love NY Stores but this would be all Ulster County wares. I also see shelves full of merchandise by Hudson Valley-owned businesses.

A Tru by Hilton Hotel Would Work in New Paltz

Another Hotel is needed. America's Best and Hampton Inn might say No, but I think there is a real need. Plus people can rest after a big trip. I was thinking of a brand that I stayed in that I think would do well in New Paltz, Tru by Hilton. They have a really youthful vibe.


This lot is also located along what is now one of New York's largest Green Tourism Attractions, the Empire State Trail so it being a stopover for people on the trail with equipment for biking and hiking would work well too.

That's my two cents feel free to add your thoughts in the comments below.

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