It's starting to become a weekly thing, but it looks like another movie production was filming in the Hudson Valley.

What's Filming in Beacon, New York?

Earlier this week, while driving from Beacon to Poughkeepsie on 9D in the wee hours of the morning I saw large trucks with movie trailers on the back pulling into the Heritage Financial Field Park.


Yellow signs posted outside the park said "Base Camp." Since the Hudson Valley has become one of the most popular spots for movie and television production over the last few years, we've learned that those yellow signs usually mean something is filming nearby.

Later that day, I noticed more signs around the Mount Gulian area and did some digging.


Rachael Leigh Cook Stars in New Movie Filming in the Hudson Valley

While I was first researching what was filming in the area, I heard from a friend that his friend ran into actress Rachael Leigh Cook in Cornwall, New York. The friend was walking through a park and was stopped by Cook and the crew because they were filming.

While we hear Cook and the crew were nothing but kind, the friend did not get a photo with the actress. So we couldn't confirm the Rachael Leigh Cook information. However, we now have some evidence that proves the "She's All That" star is indeed filming in the Hudson Valley.

World Premiere Of Netflix's New Rom-Com "A Tourist's Guide To Love"
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The Little Beacon Blog caught this video during production on Main Street in Beacon, earlier this week:

Ghost Actor Joins Latest Hudson Valley Movie Production

According to IMDB, Cook will star alongside Utkarsh Ambudkar (Ghost, Pitch Perfect) in a film called There She Goes.

In April 2023, Deadline wrote:

There She Goes, which will star Cook and is loosely based on her life as a ‘90s icon. The film will be written by Night Owls duo Charles Hood and Seth Goldsmith and directed by Hood.

We haven't seen anything about a release date yet, but we'll keep an eye out and update you with more details.

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