We've gone from 70-degree days in the Hudson Valley to diving right into, unofficial, winter.

While it feels like we were just in shorts and t-shirts over the weekend, the National Weather Services is now saying parts of our region will be getting hit with a little bit of snow tonight.

On Twitter the National Weather Service reports:

Get your snow shovels out & put snow brushes in your car! The first snow event of the season arrives tmrw evening & continues into Wednesday. Initial period of snow (steady/moderate at times) becomes a wintry mix overnight. Messy Wed A.M commute expected

We reached out to Spectrum News meteorologist Ryan Finn on Twitter who told us, that nothing should be sticking in southern Dutchess. Take a look at the graphic below from the National Weather Service breaking down what to expect for the rest of the week:

It should come as no surprise that we'll be getting snow, we live in the Hudson Valley we're used to snow in November and even October. Remember that freak Halloween snowstorm in 2011?

In October 2022, the Farmers Almanac released its predictions for the Hudson Valley Winter Season. According to the Almanac, "this winter season will have plenty of snow, rain, and mush—as well as some record-breaking cold temperatures! We are warning readers to get ready to “Shake, shiver, and shovel!"

The Old Farmer's Almanac says New York State will experience a cold and snowy winter in 2022 and 2023.

So, what they're saying is to prepare for a regular New York winter with snow and cold temperatures...you know, like the weather we are used to from November until March.

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