It's happened yet again, but this time in a different location. While transportation officials across New York state continue to make efforts to prevent such mishaps, vehicles continue to hit bridges with low clearance. Could more be done to prevent this happening?

The latest incident comes just after the Park Street overpass was struck three times in just two days in late April, another bridge has been hit by a tractor-trailer in New York. Officials say the recent crash shut down traffic, as the impact from the collision turned the truck over on its side.

What Bridge/Overpass in New York State Has Been Hit the Most Times? 

But while this particular bridge, as well as others ones - like Park Street or Glenville, have had their share of hits, none of them are the reigning champs when it comes to vehicle vs bridge crashes in New York. That distinction belongs to another one in the lower Hudson Valley.

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According to the Greenwich Times, the King Street bridge on the border of Rye Brook, NY, and Greenwich, CT., where the Hutch becomes the Merritt Parkway, has been struck more times than any other bride in the state of New York.

The Times said in 2019 that the bridge had been struck almost 150 times in just the past ten years.

Steps have been taken in recent years to put more warnings on the face of the King Street bridge, and more signs on I-287 to warn trucks from getting on the Hutchinson Parkway. However, according to data collected by the state Department of Transportation and the Thruway Authority, vehicles struck bridges in New York state at least 344 times in 2021.

Walmart Truck Hits Bridge, Shutting Down Traffic 

Breaking News Network posted pics on their Facebook page of a Walmart tractor-trailer that struck an overpass northbound on the Meadowbrook State Parkway in Garden City. The crash happened early Wednesday afternoon near Exit M4 at Stewart Avenue.

Video posted to Instagram shows the mangled truck lying on its side, with broken windshield and a trailer that had been twisted due to the impact. Police say the driver of the truck had non-life threating injuries.

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