A new bill introduced by lawmakers could provide a much needed boost to part of New York state's alcohol industry. While craft beer and wine remain big business across New York, other industries are asking for some assistance.

ABC is reporting the new legislation has the backing of some big groups, such as the New York Farm Bureau and the NYS Distillers Guild.

*** Update: According to WNYT, the bill has passed. ***

The recent proposal comes as other state politicians have pushed for changes to certain sales and distribution regulations, such as New York Senator Michelle Hinchey, who introduced a bill that would allow wine and liquor stores and their distributors to sell “non-alcoholic versions of alcoholic beverages”, according to The New York Post.

New York State Distilleries and Cideries to be Allowed to Ship Directly to Customers?

ABC 10 is reporting that a new bill would allow distilleries and cideries in New York to ship their product directly to their customers. New York ranks among the top states in the country for total number of distilleries and cideries in operation.

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Assemblymember Donna Lupardo said that these business owners "want to make sure these small distilleries and cideries, that are tourism anchors that are important to communities, are able to thrive by being able to ship safely through a common carrier..."

New York Senator James Skoufis from Cornwall also supports the bill. ABC says that some liquor store owners have opposed the bill though, fearing this could hurt their businesses.

Craft distilleries and cideries were allowed to directly ship to customers during COVID-19, though those measures were only temporary. The New York Farm Bureau told WROC that "this legislation will help strengthen both the fruit, grain, and potato industry across the state."

Many New York Distillers Fear They Can't Remain Open 

One distiller told WROC that in order for a business like his to attract a shipper, they have to greatly increase production to fill an entire warehouse.

The bill stated that New York distilleries have been struggling to stay open, with twenty closing doors in the last few years alone. One survey, conducted by the Distillers Guild, found that half of all Guild member respondents said they weren't sure if they would remain open by the end of 2025 if laws don't change.

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