You may remember the story of Albert the alligator? The story of the 11-foot, 750-pound reptile made national news in March 2024, when New York State Department of Environmental Conservation officials seized the animal from a home in the town of Hamburg.

WIVB says that Albert's owner had owned the alligator for over 30 years, and had even built an addition to the back of his house with a pool for the animal. Albert had even become a bit of a local celebrity in the western New York town, as his owner would let visitors get into the water with the giant gator.

New York State DEC
New York State DEC

However, New York state has a ban on the import, possession, and sale of live alligators, caiman, and crocodiles, except for those with a special permit. The DEC said Albert's owner's most recent permit expired in 2021.

Officials went on to say that the animal had "numerous health-related issues, including blindness in both eyes and spinal complications" at the time he was seized from the residence.

Alligator Seized in New York Goes To Texas

WIVB says that after receiving "extensive examination and initial rehabilitation under licensed veterinary care in Massachusetts", Albert has now gone to the Lone Star State.

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The New York DEC helped arrange the move, that sent the alligator to Gator Country Adventure Park, which WIVB describes as an authorized alligator rehabilitation facility in Beaumont.

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Gator Country owner Gary Saurage told KFDM that “all you have to do is look and see Albert and know he really wasn’t kept in the best conditions.”

But Albert has come a long way in the past two months. The NY DEC was happy to report that the animal has shown “a substantial health improvement” over the past several weeks.

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