Another somewhat surprising announcement from the Village of New Paltz, as a popular Italian Delicatessen recently announced that they have sold the business after 12 years of operation.

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Russo's Italian Delicatessen Announces Change of Ownership

The storefront at 164 Main Street has been home to several businesses over the years, as SUNY New Paltz students, locals, and those who visit the village can attest, it's always been a convenient spot to grab a good bite to eat.


The current occupants of 164 Main Street, Russo's Italian Delicatessen in New Paltz, have officially announced via an Instagram statement that they have sold their popular business to new owners. Noting that 12 years ago, their 'family began an incredible new adventure together' but they will now be finding their 'new adventure.'

For this we say THANK YOU to all who have supported us and treated us like part of their family. It is time for us to find our new adventure. We have sold our beloved Russo’s to some wonderful people and we hope you will show them all the love you have shown us. We appreciate you all and will see ya around town!


Community Responds to Russo's Deli Ownership Change

Naturally, though the response has been overwhelmingly positive to the family owners following the announcement, loyal customers have shared how much they'll miss Russo's as they know it, and especially menu items such as their chicken cutlets, and infamous 'My Cousin Luca' sandwich (pictured below).

No word on the new ownership quite yet, or any changes to the menu, hours of operation, or even the name, but we will provide any updates as they become available.

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