What the Bug?! This Beetle balancing act is no optical illusion and it's baffling New York drivers.

This gives new meaning to Carrie Underwood's Jesus Take the Wheel. A 'Find Jesus' Volkswagon Beetle was seen in New York with another one on top of it....UPSIDE DOWN!

Back to Back Bugs

Jason Seaburg of Saratoga Springs saw the two back-to-back Bugs on Rt. 7 in Duanesburg, New York one day on his way to work.

I knew I had to get a picture of it because no one would ever believe me.

Seaburg's first thought was what everyone else was probably thinking. How in the heck did they do that? His second thought was, why the love Jesus theme?

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Credit - Jason Seaburg
Credit - Jason Seaburg

735 Crane Street

Under the Find Jesus sign on the bottom Beetle there was an address - 735 Crane Street. A Google search resulted in the location being home to Bridge Christian Church.

A place for people from every generation, race, socioeconomic status, and Christian tradition.

Now that's brilliant marketing. It made me look. Whether or not the vehicle is legal is another story.

Credit - Bridge Christian Church/Facebook
Credit - Bridge Christian Church/Facebook

Is it Legal

Hauling something on the top of your car isn't necessarily illegal in New York but it could get you a ticket.

The Vehicle And Traffic Law Section 377 states:

“No vehicle which is designed or used for the purpose of hauling logs or other materials which by their very nature may shift or roll so as to be likely to fall from such vehicle, shall be operated or moved over any highway unless its load is securely fastened by such safety chains, cables or other suitable devices as will effectively prevent the shifting or falling of such load or any part thereof, from the vehicle”

The section appears to only apply to logging trucks but could be interpreted to any driver that has an unsecured load like a mattress on the roof of the car.

The top Beetle sure looks like it's secure to me.

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