Password sharing for streaming sights like Netflix and Hulu is pretty common but is a crackdown on the way?

The Consumer Electronics Show just took place in Las Vegas, it's the yearly event where all the big tech companies get to show off their new technology. A company called Synamedia has a program that can analyze the probability that someone else is using your Netflix account using artificial intelligence. It takes four things into consideration, where the person is logging in, the time it was accessed, what was watched and what device was using it. Streaming platforms can purchase access to the data to track down those who aren't supposed to share access.

The Verge spoke with Synamedia's Cheif Technology Officer Jean-Marc Racine and the tech behind the program is pretty common sense. It can tell if two programs are being watched on the same account and if one is on the East Coast, and the other is on the West Coast, something is fishy.

Will a Netflix password crackdown affect you? You may not want to comment publicly if you're sharing a password with your entire neighborhood. The response can vary from a warning to account cancellation if you're caught.

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