This is a hypothetical I never want to see happen, but with everything going on the past few days I've been thinking about it.

Obviously, the sports world is different right now with everything going on with the Coronavirus. NBA and NFL players are in a bubble or opting out of their seasons to keep themselves healthy.

MLB players are still playing games and doing a little bit of travel, which is causing some problems. The Yankees and Nationals game over the weekend was called due to Coronavirus concerns, but then a few days later went on without a hitch.

How will baseball continue? Will the teams all show up in one central location like the NBA and NFL? Governor Andrew Cuomo suggested all MLB teams show up to play baseball in New York. 

I wouldn't be opposed to it.

There are no fans in the stands and while I'm happy sports are back I'm a little nervous how it will play out the rest of the season.

So here's a fun hypothetical question for you:

If the only way to cure COVID-19 and get the world back to normal is by canceling one sport forever, what sport do you choose and why?

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This one should get sports fans riled up. Let us know what you're going with!

If it were up to me, I'd probably say basketball just so we wouldn't have to see the Knicks struggle another year on the hardwood.


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