Could the original social distancing champion be at risk during the coronavirus pandemic? We cannot be certain but some suggest we should not risk it.

Even sasquatch hunting is adjusting to a 'new normal' even if that hobby was never really that normal to begin with. Some researchers are urging bigfoot hunters to wear a mask and use other precautions when out squatching. Not to hide the embarrassment of the fact that they're out searching for the missing link but so they don't risk giving sasquatch COVID-19.

According to Vice, one bigfoot researcher has added a mask to his gear when searching for the elusive apelike creature and he's also changed his routine and now goes searching for bigfoot alone.

Some human respiratory illnesses can infect and kill apes according to So it's not too crazy to believe sasquatch could be susceptible.

With so many sasquatch believers and sightings here in the Hudson Valley I figured it was worth spreading the message so that even if local residents or tourists do come within six feet of bigfoot you should still be wearing a mask. Social distancing rules have not been exempt in the bush to my knowledge.

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