The Hudson Valley is home to some of the best schools in New York. To go along with that, some of the best paid teachers in the state happen to be local too. Here's a look at the school districts with the highest median salary.

I had to look up the word median because I remember approximately 35% of what I originally learned in school. The median is the salary that's exactly in the middle of all other employees, so half make more and half make less. is a site that assembles salary info on occupations statewide to act as a watchdog so you can see where money is being spent.

Let's give teachers the credit they deserve, they may be compensated well in a lot of cases, but they're working their buts off to help mold the minds of America's youth.

Here's a look at the top five, for the full top 50, visit

  1. Brewster Central School District - $118,048
  2. Mahopac Central School District - $112,104
  3. Putnam Valley Central School District - $107,000
  4. Monroe-Woodbury School District - $104,107
  5. Warwick Valley Central School District - $100,135

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