Other cities are banning crime during the polar vortex. Should we? It's too cold to do anything let alone break the law.

Unless you've been in hibernation over the last few days you'd clearly see and maybe even feel the polar vortex happening. It's just too damn cold. We need

All across the east  coast and the mid west we've been experiencing frigid temperatures.

A few police departments have tried to enforce a strong message during these cold days. They have banned crime. Yes, all crime is banned in cities like Green Bay, Noblesville and have asked criminals to kindly take a break from crime during these cold and desperate times.

Should Poughkeepsie and the rest of the Hudson Valley ban crime during the polar vortex?

I'll be the first to say that I will be writing our local legislators to see if they'll finally ban crime.

I for one think it's irresponsible that we have not banned crime yet. I'm also very concerned about the police. I'd hate for anyone to be out of work during the crime shortage.

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