There are two things people in the Hudson Valley are looking to do right now more than ever and that's workout and help local businesses. You can do both of those right now and eat ice cream.

I run for one reason and one reason only. So that I can reward myself with ice cream later. Now I can race and have enjoy ice cream in the winner's circle.

Many competitive runners are itching to get back out there race. Even casual walkers are constantly looking for new places to trek. A new virtual race has hit the Hudson Valley and it's called The Great Ice Cream Chase. The Great Ice Cream Chase is a virtual race that benefits youth programs and scholarships in the Hudson Valley.

During the month of July you can sign up to run up to 26 ice cream trails that all lead to a local ice cream shop. You can track multiple distances and participate virtually. If you're still not comfortable running outside you can complete the race you choose at home on a treadmill. Just make sue you still go out and get your ice cream.

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