For the first time in a decade, local and national Mcdonald's are changing their breakfast menus.

Business Insider reports that McDonald's across the Hudson Valley, and country, will be adding some new items to their breakfast menu. Specifically, they will be adding three new breakfast sandwiches.

The "Triple Breakfast Stacks Sandwiches" will have three times the meat than their other breakfast sandwiches already on the menu. According to Business Insider, they are enhanced versions of the McGriddle, McMuffin, and biscuit. All three sandwiches will have two sausage patties and bacon.

Business Insider reports that McDonald's is making the change to their breakfast menu in an ongoing battle for breakfast customers. Taco Bell and Burger King are part of the battle for breakfast as well in the Hudson Valley, both with their own breakfast menus.

The new "Triple Breakfast Stacks Sandwiches" are expected to roll out to McDonald's in November and will be available for a limited time.


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