Can executive orders legally limit gatherings in churches?

Most Church services in New York from all different religions have been forced to alter how they operate. Is this something that is within the state's limits of power? The question made its way to a federal judge.

Is limiting gatherings in church considered unconstitutional? A federal judge didn't seem to think so.

New York has seen a recent spike in cases of COVID-19 in specific areas. This has caused the state of New York to take action to limit gatherings once again in certain areas that are considered hot spots.

The state of Michigan famously made national headlines by having the governor's executive orders overturned by the Michigan's Supreme Court. According to CNN, Michigan's Supreme Court ruled against continuing to enforce Governor Whitmer's executive orders made past April,30. Could New York ever follow suit? It doesn't seem likely as New York has over double the amount of confirmed cases than the mitten state.

According to ABC News, The U.S. District court ruled against a Roman Catholic Church in Brooklyn regarding a case filed against the state. The church is unhappy with an executive order that limits religious congregations to a gathering of no more than ten people in COVID hot spots. Similar lawsuits have been filed by other religious groups as well.

At this point there doesn't seem to be a date when the restrictions will be lifted.

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